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Adelfo Sweet as Sugar

Encore Cats Frankieoldblueeyes x Krackenkatz Sweet Sarah

Sugar is a stunning Blue Tortie Mctabby and White and has green eyes. She is full of kitten mischief and never stops purring, so much so its hard to hear the T.V when she is sat on your lap.

We just love Sugar's delicate colouring, so pretty. What a stunning young lady you are Sugar.




Luvumcats Winter Holly 

Encore Cats Horace & Amatissimi Chantilly Lace

Holly just takes our breath away!! she is a dominant tortie and white with the most large expressive blue eyes.She is to me EVERY thing the Muffin should be, a large girl with super type. She has the in your face fuss me nature that we all love about the RagaMuffin and just look at her winter coat.




Filensio Sheriden

Encore Too My Blue Heaven x Filensio Alexcia

Sheriden  is a large blue with white girl and has green eyes. She has super type and has such a playful nature. Photo's don't do her justice, her coat is the softest to touch  

and such a pretty colour. We love her little white kiss on her nose, it gives her the sweetest expressive face.



Luvumcats Sauvignon

Luvumcats Romeo x Adelfo Sweet as Sugar

Savie is our blue eyed baby girl. She is a dominant tortie tabby with white. We just couldn't let this sweet little girl go. She has a sensitive nature and loves nothing more than playing fetch the ball. We spend many hours just playing this funny game.

Her large blue eyes just blow you away and melt your heart. Savie is still very young so we don't expect kittens from her for a long time.




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