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   The RagaMuffin Cat




From the beginning, RagaMuffin breeders have faced the challenge of gaining acceptance for their cats as a distinct breed, despite their common origins with Ragdolls. The patterns that form so important a part of the Ragdoll standard receive little emphasis from RagaMuffin breeders. They accept every color and pattern, with or without white. But the differences go deeper than that. The RagaMuffin has a distinct head shape. Rather than having a flat plane between the ears, the skull has a slight dome. The RagaMuffin has a shorter nose than the Ragdoll, and walnut-shaped eyes rather than oval. While the Ragdoll profile exhibits a gentle curve with the final segment straight, the RagaMuffin standard requires an obvious nose dip or scoop. RagaMuffin breeders aim to produce a rounded, more heavily boned cat.






The story of the RagaMuffin begins with an accident. During the 1960's Ann Baker, a Persian breeder, developed a friendship with a neighbour who fed and cared for a colony of feral cats. A car stuck one of these cats, named Josephine, who had previously given birth to wild kittens. After Josephine returned to health, she delivered a litter of kittens that had the sweetest nature. Although any difference in temperament could be explained by having different fathers, a highly unscientific theory, that the accident somehow changed the kittens nature. 

Ann Baker gathered as many of Josephine's kittens as possible and began breeding them to preserve the wonderful nature and personality of these cats that went limp as a rag doll when cuddled. She called these cats Cherubim. 


Determined to direct the progress of her Cherubim cats, Ann Baker developed strict rules for anyone wishing to breed them. In 1967 a group of breeders split away from Ann Baker's control, taking their cats to mainstream registries to show and make their own breed choices.

They chose to call their cats Ragdolls and to breed only colour pointed 

cats in three patterns. 




Bitter after this Ann Baker took steps to exert greater control over the development of "her" breed. She set up her own registry, called the International Ragdoll Cat Association, and required all her breeders to register with her. Ann Baker patented the name Ragdoll for use only with cats of her breeding and registry. Catteries were franchised and paid royalties for each kitten sold. For more than 20 years, Ann Baker's program continued, with breeders relatively content to enjoy raising the kittens while allowing Ann Baker to make marketing and breeding decisions.


Eventually, even her loyal group of followers developed misgivings about Ann Baker, who was now struggling to keep a healthy cattery while handling the responsibilities of the registry.




In 1993 a group of breeders managed to persuade Ann Baker to retire and planned to take over the management of the association: However Ann Baker changed her mind and refused to relinquish control. The breeders choose to leave the International Ragdoll Cat Association and to seek recognition with other established registries. 


Since their cats included all colours and patterns and they signed contracts not to use the name Ragdoll they needed to find a new name. 


Since the original gene pool developed from street cats the name RagaMuffin was chosen - endearing little urchins! 



The M is capitalised "because they're big and huggable,loveable Muffins.


In June 2009 the RagaMuffin name was recognised by the GCCF in the UK !!! 

































































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